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What is Graduate! Highline?

A full-scale community movement to increase Highline Public Schools’ graduation rates!

Here’s the background:

  • Our 2017 HPS graduation rates show another increase, jumping to 77% from 70.3 percent in 2015!
  • We are grateful to have a community that supports our schools, but acting as individuals or disconnected organizations, efforts are fragmented. Think of the impact we could have if people came together in one collective effort supporting our students!
  • Our goal is to help ignite a community-wide effort around our students. Our vision is to bring together parents and educators with community, civic and philanthropic leaders to forge a movement that will push our graduation rates to our 95 percent goal.
  • We are inspired by the Foundation for Tacoma Students, which has successfully rallied the whole community behind a movement they call “Graduate Tacoma.” The effort started in 2010 with a 55 percent graduation rate, and since then Tacoma’s graduation rate has soared to over 78 percent.

How can you help?

Start by “Joining the Movement” – simply fill out the form on this website and you’ll begin to receive information and opportunities.

In the “comment” section, tell us what you are already doing to help students in Highline graduate.

  • Are you a parent or grandparent helping your child learn to read?
  • Are you a small business owner that would be willing to give Graduate! Highline information to your customers?
  • Are you in a position to host a student intern or maybe even donate to help with college and career access programs for students in Highline?

There is no wrong way to participate. We want to hear your ideas. If everyone is involved, we WILL Graduate! Highline.